Utah Tech University

Recipients of Honorary Doctorates

From 1970 to the Present



May 3, 2024Julie B. Beck
May 5, 2023Dr. Patrick Carroll
May 6, 2022John Brent Hunt (posthumously) and Gary Stone
May 7, 2021Lindsay T. Atwood (Posthumously) and The Honorable Gary R. Herbert
May 3, 2019J. Ralph Atkin and Terri Kane
May 4, 2018Dr. Derrick Haslem and Dr. Lincoln Nadauld
May 5, 2017Sir Merrill D. Osmond
May 6, 2016none
May 8, 2015Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox and Dr. Max H. Rose
May 2, 2014The Right Reverend Carolyn Tanner Irish and Cheri B. Atkin
May 3, 2013Dr. F. Ann Millner
May 4, 2012Dr. Gregory A. Prince
May 6, 2011President Thomas S. Monson and Monte Holm
May 7, 2010David L. Clark
May 1, 2009Congressman Jim Matheson
May 2, 2008Dick Nourse
May 5, 2007Robert G. Sarver, Jeannine H. Holt, Phillip E. Tuckett, and Stephen W. Wade
May 5, 2006Governor John Huntsman, Jr. and Russell C. Taylor
May 6, 2005Nolan E. Karras
April 30, 2004David H. Jeppson and L. Steven Wilson
May 2, 2003Senator John W. “Bill” Hickman
May 3, 2002Reverend France A. Davis
May 4, 2001David W. Checketts
May 5, 2000Maureen H. Booth, Dale H. Larkin, and Dr. Richard G. Whitehead
May 7, 1999Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
1998Senator Orrin G. Hatch and Clara “Peggy” B. Sears
1997Spencer F. Eccles
1996Sidney J. Atkin and Randy W. Wilkinson
1995Hyrum W. Smith, Gail Smith, and Jerry C. Atkin
1994L. Leon Jennings and M. Truman Bowler
1993Dr. William Rolfe Kerr
1992Jon M. Huntsman, Sr.
1991Joseph A. Cannon
1990Steven F. Udvar-Hazy
1989Howard E. Wall
1988Boyd F. Schenk
1987Val A. Browning
1979Leonard Murray Sproul
1975Lee Esplin and Roma Esplin
1974Emil Gubler and Nellie McArthur Gubler
1973Father George Davich
1972Dean C. Gardner and A. Delmont Truman
1970Frank W. Whitehead