Utah Tech University





May 5, 2023Khosrow B. Semnani
May 6, 2022Carly Fiorina
May 7, 2021The Honorable Gary R. Herbert
May 3, 2019Steve Starks
May 4, 2018Andrea Thomas
May 5, 2017Lionel E. Hollins and Dr. Clinton J. Buhler
May 6, 2016Patricia Jones
May 8, 2015Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox
May 2, 2014The Right Reverend Carolyn Tanner Irish
May 3, 2013Dr. F. Ann Millner
May 4, 2012Dr. Gregory A. Prince
May 6, 2011Pres. Thomas S. Monson
May 7, 2010David L. Clark
May 1, 2009Congressman Jim Matheson
May 2, 2008Dick Nourse
May 5, 2007Robert G. Sarver
May 5, 2006Governor Jon Hunstman, Jr
May 4, 2006Jeffery R. Holland
May 6, 2005Nolan E. Karras
April 30, 2004Glenn G. Bingham
May 2, 2003Phillip E. Tuckett
May 3, 2002Reverend France A. Davis
May 4, 2001David W. Checketts
May 5, 2000Lily Eskelson
May 7, 1999Elder Jeffery R. Holland
1998Senator Orrin G. Hatch
1997Spencer F. Eccles
1996Tyler Kay Wilkinson
1995Hyrum W. Smith
1994Steven E. Snow
1993Wilma Gardner Wayman
1992Jon M. and Karen H. Huntsman
1991Joseph A. Cannon
1990Steven F. Udvar-Hazy
1989Howard E. Wall
1988Boyd F. Schenk
1987Nolan D. Archibald
1986Senator Jake Garn
1985Governor Norman H. Bangerter
1984Phyllis Brown Marriott
1983Robert W. Barker
1982M. Anthony Burns
1981Henry B. Eyring
1980Dr. Obert C. Tanner
1979Dr. Dallin H. Oaks
1978Elder Boyd K. Packer
1977Elder Paul H. Dunn (B) and Dr. T. H. Bell (C)
1976Garner Ted Armstrong (B) and Governor Calvin L. Rampton (C)
1975Florence Jacobsen (B) and Elder Thomas S. Monson (C)
1974E. Jay Whiting (B) and Dr. David P. Gardner (C)
1973Elder Marvin J. Ashton (B) and Glendon E. Johnson (C)
1972Dr. Don L. Lind (B) and Neal A. Maxwell (C)
1971Lenore L. Romney (B) and Elder Harold B. Lee (C)
1970Elder Richard L. Evans (B) and Father John P. Leary (C)
1969President Alvin R. Dyer (B) and LeGrand P. Backman (C)
1968Dr. Henry Eyring
1967Victor L. Brown (B) and Marion D. Hanks (C)
1966Nathan E. Tanner
1965Calvin L. Rampton