Deven Macdonald

Deven Macdonald is an entrepreneur and local business owner with a passion for helping young people develop critical life skills. The first 14 years of his career were spent in management of a product Identity and Security Management portfolio at a multi-billion-dollar software company.  Deven was active in many youth programs and organizations during this period but longed to find a greater balance of income and influence through his work.


Eager to find a way to have greater impact at home, work and in the community, Deven made a career change.  Together with his wife Brittany and their four children, they moved to St. George 7 years ago to start a small local Chick-fil-A business. Deven seeks to promote and demonstrate principles of business, servant leadership, work, service, character and integrity into his activities working with youth in his store, community, and church programs.


Although he graduated in Marketing and Business Management from Brigham Young University, Deven is an avid supporter of Utah Tech University.  Through close involvement with UT, he has grown to love the administration, faculty, alumni, and students.  He has found great fulfillment serving UT helping grow their athletic program, mentoring students, and teaching business classes.  Deven is honored and grateful to be a part of the legacy of this great university.